O.S.T.R.I.C.H. (Outer Space, Terrestrially Resonated In Cloaked Haptic-experiences) is a capsule collection of wearable earth suits that brings the experiences of different celestial phenomena down to earth.
A space for transdisciplinary practices and the spontaneous encounters of transdisciplinary minds.
rare beauty comfort club
Rare Beauty + The NOW team up to elevate your self-care routine.
art + brain: stories and structures
the now
The NOW offers a space to disconnect from the outside world & reconnect within through the healing benefits of massage therapy.
bowie barker
See what all the bark is about!
sub rosa scrolls
The Sub Rosa Scrolls are playable paper records, created in an effort to preserve burned/censored/banned literature.
leonardo slam
In celebration of 50 years of Leonardo/ISAST and their winning the 2018 Visionary Pioneers of Media Art Golden Nica, the Leonardo Slam is an event for cross contamination of ideas, a short open public gathering based on the format of poetry slam, but more free-form:
elements 4d
Part educational story, part chemistry experiment, and part game, Elements 4D offers a new, fun way to experience augmented reality while learning about real-life chemistry.
sci|art nanolab restrospective
A special publication celebrating 10 years of incredible NanoLab participants, educators, and supporters.
ucla art|sci center
Since 2012, DAVVN has been responsible for the UCLA Art|Sci Center + Lab's design and creative direction, brand campaigns, visual and media design, and events promotions.
adopt an artstudent
Why adopt a half-grown human when you can save a starving student?
lattice wrap
Lattice Wrap is a tailored illuminated visibility vest, designed for cyclist and pedestrian safety with a touch of customizable whimsy.
water canning
Water Canning is an interactive sculpture and water awareness workshop, centered around jars of canned (preserved) water from various locations in Los Angeles.
cnsi nanovation
The CNSI Nanovation Competition is an annual educational outreach event presented by the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA.
california nanosystems institute
CNSI (California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA) is a hub of interdisciplinary research, translation, and education where scientists from diverse fields find common purpose in addressing grand challenges of the 21st century.
octopus brainstorming
Octopus Brainstorming offers an alternative dialog of technology and culture, as it uses instrumentation to make public aspects of our being that resist capture by text messages and even conscious intentionality.
information in small bits
Information in Small Bits is a book produced as part of a non-profit outreach project of the IEEE Information Theory Society.
claude shannon centennial
Love + Light for the Pearl of the Orient Seas // a media art|science production and benefit
make a choice
A project of Peace Over Violence, the MAKE A CHOICE campaign aims to prevent teen dating violence and sexual assault, and promote healthy relationships for youth of Los Angeles and the world.
cnsi education
CNSI (California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA) creates multidisciplinary education and training opportunities that supplement and enhance traditional degree programs and classroom curricula to prepare a new generation of science leaders who will apply science to emerging global challenges.
miscellaneous illustrations by davvn
octopus mandala
Octopus Mandala is a public art project conceptualized for ferris wheels around the world, premiering at the Glow Festival in Santa Monica, California (Pacific Wheel) and popping up in Marseilles, Vienna, Chicago, Seattle, Sydney and Melbourne soon after.
&ever zero: ±
The &EVER quarterly pre-launch issue.
bird song diamond wetlands
In collaboration with evolutionary biologist Dr. Charles Taylor, the Art|Sci Collective introduces the wetlands’ diverse resident bird species and life in the water (microbial ecology and nanoparticles) to the public.
&ever one: pytheas
art|sci retrospective
: A Decade of Intersections
An Argument on the Myth of Brain Lateralization : an argument on the impractical separation of the arts and sciences
In the midst of earthly habits and the seemingly mundane, something is not quite right...
david bermant foundation
sci|art nanolab t-shirts
Annual t-shirt design series for the Sci|Art NanoLab Summer Insistitute.
i. 1:05 ii. 00:11
Book cover design package for Karrass Effective Negotiating.
yolanda unfolding
A three-piece interpretation of how events unfolded during the Typhoon Haiyan Disaster.
speculum aquarium 1.0
Once upon a time, land & sea lived in ecological harmony. Speculum Aquarium seeks to illuminate the effects of captivity on marine life.
cheese, brain (beta)
A Pop-up Interactive Media Installation
Astraeus is the Titan god of stars and planets and of the art of astrology. By Eos (the Dawn), he is the father of the stars and the four seasonal winds collectively called the Anemoi.
› and ‹
This Design|Media Arts group exhibition reflects a desire to promote collaborative and community-driven projects.
hang time
An interactive basketball trading card app that enables users to keep their favorite basketball players and trivia in their pocket.
rm national design award
Rebeca Méndez National Design Award Portfolio Book
avian crossing
Avian Crossing is a dynamic light sculpture visualizing bird migration patterns in the West San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles County.
a future less full
The Greek goddess of sight and shining light.
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