Adopt-An-ArtStudent is an augmented reality experience that straddles the line between whimsy and harsh reality. It seeks to de-glamorize the idea of being an artist / being in an art school—an idea which many people to this day think of as a fun-filled / privileged / easy venture—and instead bring to light the struggles and obstacles of being an art student.
Each adoptable student is unique—with a hint of their personality reflected on the suitcase they carry. The user starts the adoption process by scanning a suitcase with their phone. Once the adoption is finalized, they can keep the student in their pocket and interact with them at any time—give them food, beer, grants, and most importantly, the ever-elusive gift of sleep.
/// Despite the staged sequences to fill the context of the application, the art students depicted in this project are 100% real—as are their wants, needs and desires. Read more about this project's development and acknowledgements at davvn by day.
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