The Anemoi are the heralds of the four seasons—Boreas the north wind is the lord of winter, Zephyros the west is the bringer of spring, Euros the east is the god of autumn, and Notos the south is the god of summer. The arrival of these winds are indicated by the rising of certain constellations.

This playable multimedia composition consists of four different songs that make up the larger musical atlas—each song composed from the constellations that appear on each of the winter, spring, summer, and autumn skies. Each constellation is a verse, composed with a string of notes that in turn represent each star involved in creating the chorus of the constellation.

Below we see the song of Boreas, the Winter Sky. Ursa Minor—"The Smaller Bear (But Not the Lesser Bear)"—for example, is a verse that is written with its stars α, β, γ, ε, ζ, δ, η, θ, λ, π1, π2, π1.
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