Apophenia is a user-sensitive experience that sends virtual neural messages throughout synapses across the glass representation of the brain, in response to active button presses initiated by the curious mind.
The tempered glass which the program is projected on is an integral part of the installation, and was custom-crafted and tailor-made to appropriately represent the message of the piece. It is important to utilize glass over acrylic or other standard projection screens, as the artist sees tempered glass to be the most accurate representation of the brain. Both are powerful yet fragile; and as glass transmits, reflects & refracts light, the brain transmits, reflects & refracts signal pulses throughout the nervous system.

The illuminated buttons, with which the user can initiate interaction, each represent a neural signal trigger on one part of the brain. These buttons are scattered throughout various regions of the brain, represented by positive integers which show the vastness of the nervous system. Once a single button is pressed, this generates visualized neural activity where the pulse from this one specific region is sent throughout the entire nervous system—involving all sides of the brain, with no room for it to be a segregated activity/experience.
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