Los Angeles County alone is home to over five-hundred species of birds, all traveling the same sky as they embark on their seasonal migratory journeys. As it happens, Los Angeles rests along the Pacific Flyway, a major north-south migratory route for birds of the Western hemisphere. The flyway stretches from Alaska to Patagonia, making L.A. County and the West San Fernando Valley the perfect place to not only witness this natural phenomenon, but gather and study its data as well. Avian Crossing is an environmentally interactive art installation which will inform and educate visitors, in real-time, of the beautiful migration patterns happening overhead.

The piece will engage people and birds alike, as the audience observes a translucent curtain of changing light patterns which correspond to specific bird species—some of which might be snacking on the very bird feeders that are seamlessly integrated into the installation using locally-sourced reclaimed materials. An amalgamation of light, data, structure and natural elements, Avian Crossing embeds itself in the surrounding environment, informing passersby, raising situational awareness, and giving back to the community one person and one bird at a time.
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