The average person leads their daily life with very little understanding of what is actually going on inside their head. What most people don’t realize is that there are quantitative & measurable data that can be retrieved from the brain which can provide better insight into why we feel and act the way that we do. Cheese, Brain purports to enlighten its participating audience through an approachable and tangible visualization of this information.

As participants walk up to the installation and put on the EEG headset, they can see their brain activity in real time—much like how eager picture-takers can see their live actions reflected on a photo booth screen. Once they press the “capture” button, the installation is programmed to take a “snapshot” of the brain data at that given moment—and is then translated into generative art, a “portrait,” of their brain. They can then take this captured moment home with them as a souvenir / reminder of the events that transpired—much like a photo that serves to evoke memories of a given instance.
Future renditions of Cheese, Brain aim to utilize more advanced and accurate EEG headsets, as well as the addition of external stimuli—akin to accessories that accompany most event photo booths—which will be available for participants to “accessorize” their brain portraits. This includes a variety of brain-related stimuli such as items that evoke taste, smells, memories, et cetera.
Taking advantage of the instantly recognizable aesthetic of a pop-up photo booth, the updated Cheese, Brain would invite the general public to step closer towards a mirror interface and take a portrait.

Further research and development of this project—with hopes of being able to use more robust EEG sensors in the future—is detailed in davvn by day.
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