an individual or group may present work, words, stories, video, sound, ideas about work, work about ideas, work about work, ideas about ideas, work about nothing, ideas about music, music about performances, apples about oranges, oranges about history, history about histories, dance about architecture, et cetera. 

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"These days it has become so easy to download any information from the web, to copy-paste and to mix it all up. The tremendous growth of educational programs in media art has led to a vibrant community of young media artists who are interested in building the future but also want to know about media art’s origins.

What perfect timing that Leonardo comes to Linz and shows material from its 50-year history including artifacts, artworks, publications, and anecdotes. We have decided to take an unusual approach to let the public browse through the archive, mash it up, interpret it in a poetry slam style, and have fun by digging into these treasures. We invite everyone to participate in the Leonardo slam sessions and discover Leonardo’s glorious past and future!" —Christa Sommerer
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