We live in a clutter of digital devices supporting a structure of social media that permeates, and in many ways controls our society: deciding elections and marketing products, guiding and manipulating our beliefs and, ultimately, leading us to accept binary simulacra of real life and experience.

Octopus Brainstorming opens the dialogue of interspecies communication, as well issues around ecology of mind as Bateson presented long ago. Ideas of diversity in global language communication as well as preservation of species and our shared planet is ultimately what we want to brainstorm with the public.
In collaboration with Mark Cohen, Victoria Vesna, Dan Wilkinson, Daniel Belquer, Mick Lorusso and the Art|Sci Collective, Octopus Brainstorming is a transdisciplinary installation conceptualized by long time collaborators artist Victoria Vesna and neuroscientist Mark Cohen. 
More information and research notes at octopusbrainstorming.com.
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