Made out of the same material as the books and journals they embody, these records contain the ASCII-code translations of entire works of literature, sonified into atmospheric sound.
When a record is played, the book permeates into the airwaves, defying the oppressors and setting the literary contents free into the world—ready to be decoded and explored by humans and machines alike. The seemingly meaningless sounds simply blend into the environment, preventing any suspicion from those who are unaware of it.

Each “book” is packaged with a do-it-yourself record player made out of recycled materials, all of which can be easily found in most homes. In locations where certain books are still prohibited, the Sub Rosa Scrolls may be transported or stored openly without too much fear of discovery—as they simply look like discarded pieces of paper that hold no particular significance.

It is a pity that in this day and age, several works of art and literature are still banned or censored by institutions and cities around the world. Sub Rosa Scrolls aims to put this suppression to rest and help preserve the information and art that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience.

More on this project's research and development at dawn by day.
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