Dawn Faelnar is a transmedia designer, artscientist, creative director, and advocate of multi/cross/inter/transdisciplinary collaborations and STEAM education. Since graduating from UCLA (BA Design|Media Arts, minor in Neuroscience) and Kunstuniversität Linz (MA Interface Culture), and with more than a decade of exposure to design development and the interactive arts, Dawn has been extensively involved in multidisciplinary media projects throughout the globe.
As co-founder of the interdisciplinary collective TH1NKBLENDER and former creative director at the UCLA Art|Sci Center, her research and practice often involve collaborations with engineers, filmmakers, scientists, musicians, educators, nonprofit organizations, and other artists. Through diverse mixed-media work, Dawn explores the relationship between artistic and scientific innovation, and how they can be made accessible through design, as they converge within the coexisting physical and extraterrestrial worlds. Her penchant for combining digital with analog, and aesthetic eclecticism with serious socio-environmental undertones, stems from the ultimate goal to better our universe.

Originally from Los Angeles (US) and Cebu (PH), Dawn has exhibited her work from North America to Central Europe, including at the world-renowned 
Ars Electronica FestivalCurrently, her practice and research investigate experimental transdisciplinary encounters, innovations, and spaces for the future. 
(Ongoing explorations published on TH1NKBLENDER BOUND)
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